Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much space is required on the shaft to install a PROP PROTECTOR?

The SLIDE-ON type requires a gap on the shaft of 18mm (0.7″) and the CLAMP-ON a gap of 23mm (0.9″). These dimensions include a 6mm (0.25″) of space on the shaft to allow water to circulate to the cutlass bearing.


Q2. How long does it take to install the PROP PROTECTOR?

A2. The Clamp-On version can be fitted in approximately 10 minutes as the propeller does NOT need to be removed. The Slide-On version would take between 30 minutes and one hour as the propeller MUST be removed before fitting.


Q3. Will I need to buy new bearings for the PROP PROTECTOR every two years or so as with other cutters?

A3. No. PROP PROTECTORS have no moving parts and require no bearings.


Q4. Will I have to install zincs for the PROP PROTECTOR?

A4. No. The zinc usually installed on the propeller shaft will also protect the PROP PROTECTOR.


Q5. Will the PROP PROTECTOR corrode?

A5. No. PROP PROTECTORS are made of high grade 316 stainless steel and will never corrode.


Q6. Will I have to send my PROP PROTECTOR to the manufacturer for sharpening as with other shaft drive cutters?

A6. In the unlikely event that your Prop Protector requires sharpening, this can be easily done by you with a ceramic sharpening stone or a metal file.


Q7. Will my PROP PROTECTOR break on sun-hardened rope as some “chopping” style cutters tend to do?

A7. No, your PROP PROTECTOR will continue cutting while the shaft is turning.


Q8. Will my PROP PROTECTOR affect hull speed to a measurable degree?

A8. For vessels cruising at 25 knots or less the affect on boat speed is negligible. For high speed vessels at above 35 knots, RPM may have to be increased by about 10%.


Q9. Will my PROP PROTECTOR make a noise when the shaft is turning as some “chopping” style cutters do?

A9. No. PROP PROTECTORS are completely silent in operation.


Q10. How long has PROP PROTECTOR been on the market?

A1o. PROP PROTECTOR has been selling in Europe since 1992, and the USA since 1995. More than 30,000 units have been sold throughout the world.