Propshield Large Tub 375g


Propshield Propeller Antifouling 375g

Propshield Propeller Antifouling Grease is a specially engineered marine product for use on all types of propellers and stern gear.

  • Prevents Barnacles & Hard Growth
  • Stops Electrolysis & Oxidisation
  • Protects up to 12 months
  • Eco Friendly & Biodegradable Chemicals
  • Easy to Apply
  • Reduces fuel bills!
  • Slashes maintenance & repair costs
  • Water insoluble / Slippery surface
  • Wont wash off even at highest speeds
  • No Biocides or Pesticides


  • Propellers, prop shafts, rudders, P brackets, trim tabs, outdrives, saildrives, outboards etc.
  • Bronze, stainless steel, aluminium and painted surfaces (plus all other metals & Kiwi Props).